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What is…Corten Steel?

Corten Steel, otherwise known as Weathering Steel, is certainly not a new material, having been developed in the US as far back as the 1930’s but has gained the admiration of garden designers and architects over the years for both its beauty and its structural strength.

The name Corten is derived from its two chief characteristics, corrosion resistance and tensile strength. Supplied as a bare metal form, it slowly takes on a rusted patina over time as it weathers. It is this surface rust which gives the metal its durability by making it less prone to the effects of weather thereafter

Architects have long used Corten steel in the construction of bridges and buildings due to its great strength and durability. These days garden designers can take advantage of a wide range of Corten steel features with an antique appearance from planters, to firepits, water features, obelisks, archways, pergolas and screens, all with the same durable, timeless rusted look. The aged look of the steel also blends beautifully with other natural elements such as stone and the colours of plants which complement the rusted appearance such as those with deep red flowers or silver leaves as a stunning contrast. It’s a material with so many design opportunities and if used carefully, gives the impression that the garden is perhaps much older than its actual years.

As designers we regularly incorporate Corten steel features into our designs for both traditional and contemporary gardens due to its wide range of applications and in the knowledge that it will be part of the garden for many years to come, only growing more beautiful with age. If you’d like to see the ways Corten steel can be used in your garden, give us a call today and we’ll show you some of the many options available.