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Driveway design is a very important element in landscape design as there are many unique factors to consider.

The driveway must be both functional in terms of space allocated for parking (especially important for home-charging EVs) and allow for adequate drainage to avoid rainwater run-off into drains and the adjoining road. Just as importantly it must look impressive as one approaches the property, often called ‘kerb appeal’ which is essential in maximising returns if the property is sold at a later date.

Another essential element in the crucial design stage is the careful selection of the right materials, both in terms of durability and cost consideration to ensure the driveway lasts for many years to come without unnecessary expenditure.

By combining stunning soft landscaping (planting) with hard wearing hard landscaping (driveway surface and surrounding built elements), the driveway at the front of the property can not only make life easier day to day but enhance first impressions for that all important wow actor.