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Frequently Asked Questions

Not all garden design companies are the same. We provide expert guidance from start to finish.

Do you include artificial grass in your designs?

Key to our philosophy for any new garden is to do all that we can to help the local wildlife and unfortunately artificial grass is doing the very opposite of that.  Often seen a low maintenance solution (which is not really true), artificial grass can heat up badly on hot summer days, doesn’t allow wildlife access to the soil underneath and is very difficult to recycle later on. Only in very exceptional circumstances will we use artificial such as a children’s all-year play surface or on a small balcony with limited access where a lawn mower wouldn’t be practical. In all other instances we will propose using natural turf or better still a native mix meadow which is a thousand times better for wildlife and a lot cheaper!

What happens after the garden is finished?

We are always happy to make return visits to check on the health and establishment of plants. There is a small charge for this service and it helps to give peace of mind that all plants are growing well.

Do you oversee the construction of the garden from start to finish?


Yes, this is an important part of the work we do and we feel it is an essential part of our service to ensure the garden is constructed and finished exactly according to the original vision. In order to do this we offer a Client Liaison service to oversee the construction and planting of a new garden from start to finish.

The design of any garden is one which calls for great attention to detail and we can bring our expertise to every aspect of the project. Please note, there is a small charge for this service.

Who does the building work?

All our gardens are constructed by our recommended professional landscaping contractors. We have built strong working relationships with a select number of qualified landscapers, many of whom are award-winning companies who understand the need for quality and excellence in every aspect of their work. The construction of the garden is of primary concern and we insist on a first class finish. We ensure that the contractors carrying out the work are experienced and skilled craftsmen who can build the garden to the very highest level.

How much do I need to spend?

Full build: For gardens including paving, fencing, lighting, fencing and other features, prices generally start at around £25,000. Final cost will depend on how big the garden is, what size plants are put in (bigger plants when purchased means higher cost) and how many plants, paths, walls etc. are put into the finished scheme. We will often ask the client’s budget on the first visit. This is for two reasons. Firstly, it gives us a good idea as to what we can put into the design and what we have to leave out. Secondly, it avoids extra costs during the planning stages. There is little point in designing a garden that a client can’t afford! Therefore, we always aim to design to a client’s (approximate) budget.

Planting only: Prices start from about £500 upwards, we'll provide a quotation according to your requirements.

Do we have to have the whole garden designed?

No! The parts of the garden you would like changed are entirely up to you. Planting schemes can be as small as a few pots or window boxes to lush perennial borders. If you would like parts of the garden left untouched, these will be excluded at your request. A good designer will only change areas according to the clients budget and wishes.

We’d like a garden that’s different from the ordinary, what options are there?


When we design a garden, it is after much discussion with the client to find out what sort of lifestyle and character would best suit the space.

Whilst there are many people who are very happy with the traditional or cottage style gardens, there is always the potential for creating a garden very different and unique in its form and use of plants/materials. Don’t be put off by the gardening ‘design’ programmes with purple fences and strobe lighting – not all design is like this!

Sensitive design takes into account the personal wishes of the client together with a very careful combination of plants and materials. It is even possible to incorporate multimedia into a garden, although this has to be done with great care, possibly using lighting, sound and technology that allows the owner to ‘interact’ with the garden.

The possibilities are endless, the only limitation is the client’s budget…

Why is garden design important to our home?


1) By extending your living area to outdoors, you begin to discover a whole new way of life.

Get away from the busy, high speed ways of modern life and take time out to relax with the scents and views of a carefully designed garden, tailored to your personal requirements. It's an all in one sensation that reaches all five senses, from the focused views, delicate scents and soothing sounds of birdsong on a summer's evening. We all need food for the soul and your own garden, designed to be individual to you, is just the thing to take away the stress and strains of everyday life.

2) Entertain friends in beautiful surroundings.

With alfresco eating, wonderful herb gardens and an intelligent use of outdoor heating and lighting, you can impress friends and family, in the comfort of your own home. The garden is very much an outdoor living area, one which becomes ever more important in busy, stressful lives.

3) Increase security around your property by introducing the right plants and use of sensitive lighting.

Practical design makes security a priority, with sensitive use of tough plants to help guard the boundary of your property. Block off views you don't want other people to see whilst increasing your own privacy. Light paths, entrances and specimen trees to deter unwanted visitors and have peace of mind that your garden is working to protect your home after dark.

4) Make gardening easier.

With the right use of materials and plants, it is possible to stop being a slave of the garden and regain control. Intelligent design takes into account the amount of maintenance the garden will receive. The right plants mean spending time in the garden becomes a real joy, not a chore.

5) Increase the sales potential of your house.

With an ever turbulent housing market, a well crafted garden not only increases the sales potential of your home to new buyers but also shows that you care about your property, something sure to impress a would-be purchaser.
Even the simplest of designs can enhance the sales potential of a design, ensuring the garden sets off the rest of the property.