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Our Philosophy

As a small company, we deal with each and every client on a purely one-to-one basis, with a truly personal service which reflects our commitment to offering a friendly, approachable and helpful partnership with the client. We offer over thirty five years’ worth of knowledge and experience no matter what size the project is and regardless of the size of the budget.
We will always provide our most cost-effective and practical solutions for every aspect of the design to ensure it excels in creating a truly bespoke, realistic solution for the space we are commissioned to work on.

As a design team whose specialty is on planting, we will always keep the planting scheme as a high priority, combining that with the hard landscaping in a way which the client can look after long after the garden is finished.

We aim to:

  1. Provide as much information as we can throughout the course of the project so that the client knows what they are getting and what the options are.

  2. Always be open to questions and welcome feedback and ideas from the client as we want the design to be a collaborative process and maximize the benefits of these ideas.

  3. Keep the core needs of the local wildlife in mind at all times to ensure the new garden enhances both the property and the environment beyond the boundaries of the garden.

  4. Think about the impact of the materials we use, their sustainability and their potential for future recycling long into the future. Source those materials and plants locally wherever possible. Actively recycle materials where possible during the construction and planting phases of the garden.

  5. Only recommend contractors and other craftspeople engaged to offer services beyond our own brief where we feel they are the best teams to help the aims of the project.

We are not landscapers so we have no desire to maximize the amount of hard landscaping in a new project. Your garden may be small or large, it makes no difference, we want it to be a benefit to tackling climate change, not something that contributes to it. Together, we can make a difference.

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