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Micro Gardens

Get the designer look on a small budget with a micro garden

As life has changed so much recently and we’re spending more time at home, it’s a great time to make the most of our gardens!  Our private green spaces have become even more important as places to relieve stress and reconnect with nature, especially for those working from home. It’s a chance to step away from the desk and safely head outdoors, no matter how small that space is. 

You don’t need to spend the earth either if you keep your designer space small. Micro gardening means a creatively designed small space is affordable as you don’t have to plan the whole garden. Just concentrate on a small area and focus on making that space unique.  It can be a few planters around a seating area, a single border along a patio or a vibrant, practical mini kitchen garden with tasty herbs right outside the back door.

Benefits of a micro garden

  • Creates a personalised, relaxing space
  • Small is beautiful, micro gardens can be a few pots or a single border.
  • Can be combined with a BBQ or firepit for alfresco dining
  • Growing your own food means cheaper bills and fresh produce
  • Gardening is good for the whole mind and body

Mental health is just as important as physical health and gardening is a great way to burn calories whilst relaxing the mind. It’s the perfect activity for the whole family, too and a fun way of teaching children valuable skills away from school.  

Key elements to micro gardening

  • Don’t make the area too big, it reduces the cost and will be easier to look after.
  • Keep it simple, less is more when designing a small space. 
  • Be creative, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to plant combinations so have fun.
  • Make the space work for you. Plants can provide shade, colour, food and wildlife value.
  • Use different height planters and shrubs with vibrant colour for added drama.

Not sure where to start? 

We offer great ideas and design solutions for any space, no matter how small. Even if you’re not very green fingered, we can provide instructions on how to look after everything once the new micro garden is finished.

Phone us today or better still, send us a few photos of your green space to and we’ll do the rest to guide you through it.

Enhance your lifestyle and get the max from your micro garden.