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Professional Garden and Landscape Design...

Hello and welcome. We are a professional garden and landscape design practice, trained to create imaginative and original designs for any size garden.

From the traditional to modern gardens, we aim to design to your specific requirements. The emphasis on all design work is quality and originality through experience coupled with a professional training.

The options available for a new garden are many and we can lead a client through the various ideas and choices from the initial concept to the finished garden, backed up with aftercare and horticultural knowledge.

Why Choose Us to Create Your Garden?

We appreciate that our clients have a wide range of designers and landscapers to choose from when it comes to designing a new garden or enhancing parts of an established one. We know making that choice is often a difficult one and we’re here to help.

Creating a garden is an investment for the future and you can't take the risk of wasting money on someone who doesn't know what they're talking about.

We're more than just a design company, we personally look after our gardens, too and ensure that the building and planting of them is just the start of an enjoyable journey we take with our clients as the garden matures over the years

We understand that clients need aftercare and advice long after the garden's finished

"We're More than Just A Design Company"

Professionally trained designer - Adam S Bailey is a fully trained designer, with more than 35 years horticultural experience and a First Class Honours Degree in Garden Design. Why take the risk of choosing someone who isn't as qualified?

Our design studio - the perfect location for discussing your requirements for the new garden, based on the river in the beautiful village of Eynsford, just 5 minutes off Junction 3 of the M25, with plenty of parking.

We have material samples to show you and an extensive reference library for new clients to choose ideas from, in a pleasant environment. The development of a new garden is a long term investment and we like to provide as much information as we can to help you make the right choices.

We can plant your garden for you, whatever type of garden you have. Whether it's a shady, dry, difficult spot or a windy, hot exposed hillside, there are plants that are naturally adaptive to those conditions. A little knowledge can go a long way.

We offer a full planting service based on years or experience and training. All our planting schemes are the result of careful consideration and expert plant knowledge

Start To Finish, We Can Guide You Through It All

All our designs are built by professional landscapers whom we know very well and can recommend. Some designers only provide you with plans and leave you to get on with it. Not us!

We can sort out quotes for the work and then oversee the construction of the garden all the way through to completion.

Why only have half a job done when you can hire a company that cares about every stage? That's why our company stands out from the rest.

For most gardens we hand pick the plants at the nursery so you can be confident you're getting the highest quality.

Quality. Highly trained professional designers with knowledge and experience will guide you through the many options available and design your personal outdoor space to meet your individual requirements.

Value for money. Our highly flexible approach means we only develop the areas you want and we always bear in mind that value for money is a key requirement. We only work with reputable suppliers and contractors to ensure our clients receive high quality work at realistic prices. All our designs are hand drafted to a high standard with full specifications for each new project.

Environmental sensitivity. We develop gardens with the local environment in mind, as well as the client. We source our materials from other companies who care about recycling and reducing the impact on our environment and aim to ensure our schemes benefit not only the property but also wildlife in a balanced way, through the use of native species and sustainable resources.

Consistent service with no salesperson, only qualified professionals on a one-to-one basis. We understand that a new garden is an exciting investment for your property. We are always available to help and will always ensure we provide the highest levels of service, no matter what size the garden.