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White Minimalist Garden - Blackheath

Design Brief

With a chic contemporary interior the garden for this Blackheath property required an intelligent design to allow the inside to flow seamlessly with the outside. For small gardens every square inch matters and the choice of white granite paving allowed the space to feel larger than it was.

Careful attention was paid to every detail of the garden's construction, from the granite sett detailing within the main terrace surfacing, to the perfectly proportioned planters which provide herbs and year round colour.


To hide unwanted sights within the garden a glass block wall was constructed which compliments the minimalist look. Contemporary design can also include a classic element as the topiary box balls show. A strategically placed mirror on the gate gives the illusion that the garden extends beyond the four walls. For that extra touch of elegance a chamomile lawn extends from the terrace to the white walls beyond.

The main courtyard view

Contemporary herb planters

Sharp lines and soft colours

Proportion is key to design

Classic meets contemporary

The white walls

Careful use of space

Intelligent use of materials

    Sample Plants

    Phormium 'Duet', Chamomile 'Treneague', Nandina 'Domestica',Trachelospermum jasminoides, Verbena bonariensis, Lavandula 'Hidcote', Perovskia 'Blue Spire', Hoheria sexstylosa, Trachycarpus fortunei, Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant',Stipa tenuissima.


    White rendered block walling, white granite paving, contemporary planters, stainless steel wires, glass block walling, timber trellis panels.