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Terraced garden - Rochester

Design Brief

Inspiration for a new garden can be found from numerous sources as the project progresses but perhaps one of the best influences in a steep garden overlooking the River Medway is the river itself. For this stepped garden, we instructed the landscape team to cut the Limestone paving in such a way that it reflected the natural shoreline further down the hill, as if the tide had reached as far as the garden and left its mark in the stone, with a waved, bullnose edge stepping down the gentle terrace. Natural Limestone ‘Morisca’ has beautiful textures and tones to it which give it the gravitas of age. Combined with London yellow stocks which complete the period house perfectly, the terrace looks every bit as if it was built with the house even though the two are many years apart. We can’t take credit for the ginger cats harmonising with the terrace, they were just a happy coincidence although seemed to appreciate our work as much as the clients did.

    Just a few of the plants used…

    Berberis ‘Starburst’, Blechnum spicant, Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’, Centaurea ‘Amethyst Dream’, Corokia ‘Sunsplash’, Iris ‘Jane Philips’, Liriope ‘Big Blue’, Nandina domestica, Pittosporum ‘Golfball’, Polystichum munitum, Salvia ‘Caradonna’, Saxifraga umbrosa, Spiraea ‘Goldflame’


    Limestone ‘Morisca’ paving, Limestone setts, London stock brick, Stainless steel water blade